Food Shopping

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Food shopping in Nairobi and Westlands

Chandarana Supermarket – They always have what I want. I was nicely surprised, lately, when they had rillettes (a very French pork spread) on their shelves.  The wine section is perfectly stocked in quality and variety.  It is the only supermarket making me comfortable for its size and having the right product, at least for me, for the house. It is an intimate supermarket and my favorite branch is at ABC.  By the way you can shop online with Chandarana

Nakumatt Supermarket – Very nice, very large with a nice set up and they have all you need for the house and kitchen.  It is the place for the weekly or monthly shopping.

Uchumi Supermarket – OK, an Uchumi is like a Nakumat but they lack some of the upmarket location.  They do carry a wide variety of goods and services.

Naivas – I was very impressed the first time I entered a Naivas supermarket.  It has a very descent stock.  The difference with other supermarkets is the large cooked food section with an exciting variety of dishes.  Naivas goods are priced for the mass and the quality is included.

Gilani’s butchery – My favorite butcher. The prima donna of butcheries in Nairobi. They know how to present, modify, cut and beautify all meat and poultry products. They have sections for fish, shellfish, cheeses, cold cuts, imported delicacies.  Their freezer section have all you need for the special occasion.

Zucchini – Fancy, pretty and avant- garde in the business of fresh fruits and vegetables. Step in their new location at ABC and you are in the Las Vegas of fresh fruits, vegetables and cheeses. They have a salad bar, a juice section and a small bake good section (muffins, cupcake etc.).  Did I mention gelato too?

Fruity fruits – It is a little out-of-the-way in Westlands but worth a visit.  They strictly deal in fresh vegetables and fruits and they do have a juice section. Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables can be bought almost anywhere in Nairobi.  However, I do like places carrying a variety, friendly and knowledgeable staff and hassle free shopping and Fruity fruit is one of these places.

The Corner Shop Ltd – This fruits and vegetables store is inside Diamond Plaza Shopping Centre.  It is forever busy.  The price, the variety and the quality is all under one roof.  The staff is helpful and are more than eager to carry your shopping to the car.

Frenchmaid  – Is a bakery in the small shopping centre, I think the name is Pop Centre, next to Diamond Plaza .  Ok, so what so special about it.  Fantastic quality croissant and anything made with puff pastry.  They have perfect vol-au-vent casings of various sizes.  Their bread is good as well as their cookies all baked on site.  I am in love with their palmiers, a pastry made with puff pastry.  It is definitely worth a try.

Aloha.  It is the only reliable place, in Westlands, to get anything which live or swim in water.  They have a friendly service and what you see on display is the freshest you can get.  The staff expertly cleans fish and seafood. I seriously like the service. They sell “anything” chicken too. The prices are shown on a big boards above the counter. I know the parking is almost on Muthiti rd. but the lone askari is super nice and will always provide you with a place to park or watch over your car. I like the hawker at the entrance of the shop which always, yes miracle do exist, has for sale the items which you “almost” forgot to buy.

Healthy U – Great place to enhance your karma on a stressful day. However, it does have a food section with all the essentials needed for the special cooking.  It has a large selection of nuts, beans, grains and spices.

City Market –  When I want quantity with freshness and a nice haggling experience. I go to the City Market.  I like going on Sunday morning to avoid the parking fees and the traffic jams. They have all the meat products and fish and sea food at an excellent price.  Actually, you cannot beat the price anywhere.  However, you must know what you want and ensure the poultry is not gorged with water before they put it on the scale. Please, once you are used to one seller stick to him or her.

Yes, it is a hustle but this people work hard and they treat repeat customers like royalties.

Others – You also have in Nairobi businesses catering to Italian, French, Japanese (I don’t know where but it does exist it seems) produces.   I will update you accordingly.

Of course – the list is not exhaustive and will be updated accordingly.  Please do inform me of anything noteworthy.


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