6 comments on “Puff Pastry

  1. Very interesting post!
    I notice you use turns in threes instead of in fours, so with 6 turns you get 729 layers.
    If you truly want to get ‘mille feuilles’, you’d have to make 6 turns in fours (to get 1024 layers).
    If it is not allowed to roll out the puff pastry to less than 1 cm thick, it does not seem possible to me to make single serving puff pastry ‘envelopes’?
    I am not familiar with the French flour types. Does puff pastry require a strong flour (with high protein content) or a flour with low protein content.
    The idea to use vinegar sounds very interesting.

    • Nop! The beginning is awalys 2 turns, then it is 1 turn each time you roll the dough with the opening on the right hand side. Some patissier make up to 8 turns.
      A mille feuille requires only 6 turns with butter puff pastry. I suggest that you moisten each sheet in order not to have a crumbly pastry when you cut it.
      When you roll out the pastry it is very thick, I mean than a single sheet should not be less than 1 cm thick. when it is folded it is 3 to 5 cm thick.
      High protein flour is good mainly for bread making. I use regular flour for puff pastry but I sift it at least twice. Cheers and I trust you had an enjoyable holiday season.

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