7 comments on “Fried Calamari and stories

  1. There is a tiny restaurant on the Princes Islands in the Bosphorus, quite close to Istanbul that serves the most amazing calamari. As well as cooking technique the owner told us that there are many varieties of calmari in the sea, some more tender than others…..indicated by the colour of the skin! Your fresh calamari looks very dark compared to what I buy on the east coast of Australia, but once prepared, equally good!

  2. I love Istanbul, actually that is the only place I know in Turkey. Now, you are right about the colour of the calamari. It is much lighter in colour but I did not do it justice with the colour adjustment. Thank you for visiting my blog

      • Interesting! I don’t usually encounter smelly fish, but the tenderizing may be something useful to try. Especially if I’m not going to eat the fish the same day that I buy it.

      • I should have been dandier and use the word odour. Some fish , not spoiled, do have some odour and some recipes tame this odour. Again, it sounds like an S&M story. Now, in the classic french dish, sole meuniere, the fish is soaked in milk.
        For your fun, I had a genoise baking in the oven then the power ( electricity) went out. Power outage is not usual in Kenya but now the genoise and I are looking at each other, the genoise is unhappy and flat. Tomorrow is another day and with power I hope. I wish you a good day. Cheers.

      • Not sure if being dandy would have helped, as I am not a native speaker and sometimes the intricacies of the English language elude me 😉 But I do understand what you mean now. That odour doesn’t bother me, but it does bother my husband so the milk may be an interesting idea to try. I had to look up what a Genoise is by the way, had never heard that term before. Sorry to hear it went flat on you.

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